Kentucky® Bourbon Barrel Half & Half Hard Tea

SKU: 1041-C6412


Kentucky® Bourbon Barrel Half & Half Hard Tea

In Kentucky, iced tea is a staple. Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. takes freshly brewed hard tea and ages it in first-use bourbon barrels to deliver our twist on a Kentucky tradition. Mixed with lemonade to perfection, the sweetness from the barrel is a perfect balance to the tart finish.

Sold in 6-pack cans.

Tasting Notes

Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Caramel, Vanilla, Bourbon


Pair this craft-brewed tea with light fish dishes, shrimp or other seafood. Salads, soft cheeses and smoked meats also mix perfectly with the flavors. For dessert, try pairing it with cheesecake, sorbet, fresh fruits or glazed donuts.

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